DoeDNS - Index

Currently serving 6 domain zonefiles

You have the unique possibility to add a zonefile to 6 GO-based CoreDNS nameservers

Locations are
Germany, Frankfurt, UpCloud
Netherlands, Amsterdam, UpCloud
United Kingdom, London, UpCloud
United States, Chicago, UpCloud
Italy, Arezzo, ArubaCloud
India, Bangalore, DigitalOcean

This service is hosted by SolSoCoG

DNS Version: CoreDNS-1.6.7, linux/amd64, go1.13.6, da7f65b
Webscript Version: 2.4

+ 30s or less zone refresh rate (CoreDNS is set to check zones for change every 29s)
+ unlimited subdomains
+ No minimum TTL for ns entries(defaults to 300s)
+ daily zone file backup to external datacenter
+ "Anonymous" registration via mail(for pw recovery only) and random generated password on per domain basis
+ API, mainly suitable for dyndns, also creates a wildcard ns entry, 60s ttl

In the work:
- automated DNSSEC setup